Apple already has the solution to the Safari bug ready.

ios 15 safari 02.jpg
ios 15 safari 02.jpg

It was recently revealed that a vulnerability had been found in Safari. This bug, which is still active, allows any website to know user information about the last web pages visited or even the image associated with their Google account. This is a real problem for the privacy and security of those who use Safari. But nevertheless Apple seems to already have the solution although we will have to wait a bit to be able to implement it.

There is already a solution for the Safari bug, although we have to wait for the updates of the operating systems

Last Sunday it was announced that a bug had been detected in the Safari browser. It looks like Apple I had misimplemented the IndexedDB API in Safari 15. The bug would allow any website to track a browser’s Internet activity and potentially determine a user’s identity.

That is a big mistake security and privacy in a company that always presumes that these values ​​are a priority for them. Although echoing this latest news, it is noted that the American company is involved in it. In just 3 days the solution for this bug has been discovered. That at least is what is handled in GitHub forums.

According to a WebKit commit on GitHub, as spotted by MacRumors. However, the fix will not be available to users until Apple releases updates to Safari in macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15.

Therefore we will have to wait for those updates to be released. We assume that they will be released to the public soon because the bug is quite important. Remember that it allows you to know the name of all the databases created in the browser, regardless of the website that created them.

It is true that there has been talk of temporary solutions, but it really must be clear that the only real protection is to update the browser or operating system once Apple resolves the issue.

For our part, we will be attentive so that at the time that update is released we will notify you and explain if it does indeed include that security solution. Until then, let’s continue to use our browser normally and if you need to use or perform sensitive actions, it’s not a bad idea, for example, to use another browser. or in Safari block JavaScript by default and enable it only on trusted sites