Apple already allows you to repair some of your phones from home. Although it’s not worth it

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In November of last year we were surprised by news that no one expected: Apple planned to launch a repair program so that you can fix certain problems on your phone from home. All through a repair kit that includes everything necessary for it. The initial idea is that this kit allows you to repair certain problems on the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE of the third generation. Now, the Cupertino-based company has just launched this toolkit in the United States, and the truth is that it is much more complete than we expected. Say that the different Apple repair kits will allow you to replace the screen, battery and camera of the phones mentioned among other components. In addition, the company has also announced that they will offer a repair kit for Macs in the future. Apple’s repair kit is not worth it. For starters, they offer a complete tool kit at a weekly price of $49 and it has everything everything you need to be able to professionally disassemble and repair your phone. The problem is that this service is not profitable at all. The only reason why the company with the bitten apple has launched this service on the market is to comply with the right to repair. But it seems that very few users will use it, beyond having fun repairing the phone. And for that you have to like these things. More than anything because, through the service’s website, we can see that the prices of the different repair kits are surprisingly high. For example, if you want to repair the iPhone 13 Pro screen, its price is $269. The problem is that if you take the phone to an Apple store to be repaired, it has an official cost of 279 dollars. A difference of 10 dollars that makes it absolutely not worth having to repair the device yourself. In the case of the battery, the comparison is much worse. Buying the kit to replace the phone’s battery is priced at $71. Instead, if you take your iPhone 13 to have the battery changed at an Apple store, its price is $69. Exactly, it is cheaper to take the phone to repair than to do it yourself. It should be noted that Apple offers a recycling service for you to return defective parts. In this case, the company offers you the possibility of receiving a refund in exchange for recycling these components. If, for example, you change the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro, they will return $33.60, so you would actually save $44.60. In the case of returning a battery, they would give you $24.15, so you would have actually saved $23.15. Even so, we are facing a service that is very unprofitable. Between the time you have to wait for the kit to arrive, along with the process to replace the defective part, the vast majority of users will prefer to take their equipment to an Apple store and avoid unnecessary headaches. >

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