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Apple acknowledges the bug in the microphone of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra

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A few days ago, some users began to publish on the networks and in the specialized forumsthat he microphone of their new and brand new Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, were giving problems. Specifically, applications that depend on it fail because it doesn’t work properly. The clock does not pick up audio well, so doing operations with Siri is almost impossible. Let’s not even mention being able to hold a telephone conversation with another interlocutor. Now Apple officially acknowledges the problem. Let’s see what solution it gives, if it provides any.

Good news. The microphone problem is a software problem

Taking into account that any device that has just arrived in stores can suffer some kind of problem, and I do not intend to excuse the company, since this, at Apple, should not happen and less in this year 2022 with prices through the roof and another Endless more controversial decisions. It is logical when a new product is launched on the market, what happens is that when it happens to us in the first person, we curse our bad luck and we complain bitterly that it cannot be fixed immediately.

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A few days ago many users complained that the microphone of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra did not work as they should when they should. Make calls, dictate to Siri, use some applications that depend on it, impossible tasks are done and the watch sends an error as a response. Something frustrating. However, the real curse comes from not knowing what is going on. But now the American company has just admitted that the error exists, but there is good news.

The reality is that, according to Apple, the problem comes from the software and not the hardwareso those who have been able to spend up to 1,000 euros on an Apple Watch Ultra and those who have bought a Series 8 should know that the company will be working on solving the problem as soon as possible and will do so in the form of update.

No specific date of this update has been provided. But it is clear that it will come. It will be then, when those who are suffering from this problem, will be able to enjoy their watches in an integral way once and for all. Now, before waiting for that update, follow the advice of the company that says that in some (many) occasions, restarting the clock can solve the problem effectively. Try this before. Maybe it will be fixed.

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