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App promises an ad-free Instagram feed and a new experience

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At instagram’s recent changes have displeased many users. The amount of ads displayed in the social network feed is one of the complaints of the platform users, but an external application can solve this.

The OG App, available on Android and iOS, promises to deliver a new user experience for Instagram by providing a social network feed without the ads and suggestions. Also, you can create alternate timelines and share with friends.

To use it, users just need to log in to their Instagram account and the home feed is shown immediately without ads and posts suggested by the platform, which tends to make the experience cleaner and more fluid.

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The app also has an option that prevents the feed from fetching new content for 24 hours. This feature works as a digital wellness tool to prevent users from continually checking Instagram.

The creators of the OG App started working on the project last June and chose Instagram first as they think it has the most complicated feed among the most popular social networks in the world, full of ads.

We wanted to put users, not advertisers, first with this app. We started with Instagram because we think the app has the most toxic relationship with its users.”

Interested parties can download the OG App next:

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