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AOKZOE announces two new handheld consoles with AMD Ryzen 7000 chips and more

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The company AOKZOE announced two new portable consoles with chips Ryzen 7000 for the market. The first is an updated version of the A1, announced in June last year on Kickstarter and named A1 Prowhile the second is a new model, which has not yet had so many details revealed by the company, with the name of A2.


In general, despite saying that this model will arrive with Ryzen, the company has not specified what the processor model will be, making it clear that it will be the latest version of AMD’s 7000 line. Furthermore, the device will have a 1080 x 1920 resolution screen and a design that promises to deliver greater ergonomics.

Another highlight mentioned about the product is the presence of Hall Sensor type joysticks, which eliminates the possibility of drift. In addition, the item will arrive with two USB 4.0 thunderbolt ports and one USB 3.0, in addition to a 65 Wh battery and a charger with a power of 100 W.

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According to what has been revealed so far, the A2 will also be launched with an AMD Ryzen chip from the 7000 line, which will also be present in the AYANEO Next 2, but there are no details about that. The screen, in turn, should have a new format, with a size of seven inches and glass with RGB.

For now, release dates for the models have not been revealed. Likewise, it is not yet known what the price will be charged for these portable consoles, but sales must be made through the company’s official website, which even ships to Europe.

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