Antistalker, the app that will tell you if your Android’s microphone and camera are in use

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2021 03 30 11 49 46.jpg

Over the years, the risks on the internet have multiplied and this makes it necessary for us to be aware of everything. Not only are computer viruses a problem, but now genuine applications tend to listen to us or access our information without permission. Therefore, we will present an application that will notify you about the use of the microphone and the camera by other apps on your Android

Its name is Antistalker and it is a security tool where you can see if the microphone or the camera is in use without you knowing it.

Find out if your Android’s microphone or camera is in use

As we mentioned before, in addition to computer viruses, there are other significant risks on the internet and the devices we use. An example of this we have in those applications that usually access the microphone or the camera, although their functions do not have to do with these components. This makes it necessary for us to be attentive to the use of the microphone and the camera by the applications we install.

This possibility has been opened in iOS through Dots that shows a color notification when any of the components have been occupied. Now, we can enjoy it on Android through the service offered by Antistalker.

This app goes way beyond just notifying when the microphone or camera is in use. Unlike the iOS option, Antistalker is also able to indicate how long the components were occupied and even the name of the application that used it. All this information is crucial to keep our device safe from any app that seeks to access our data.

We know that we should not be alerted to all the apps that occupy the microphone and the camera and therefore, Antistalker has a white list system. This application will increase the security of any Android, helping to discover apps that occupy components without our knowing it.

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