Android users drive safer than iPhone users according to a study

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conducit coche.jpg

As if there wasn’t enough rivalry between Android and iPhone, a new study adds fuel to the fire by comparing the driving habits of both groups.

An insurance comparison service car analyzed driving habits of 20,000 drivers Americans over 13 million kilometers of driving.

The team broke down the results into six categories: overall safe driving, distracted driving, speed, turns, acceleration and braking.

Android users stood out in all six categories as the safest drivers ‍♂️. The category with the largest difference between the two groups was distracted driving, with Android users scoring six points more than their iPhone counterparts.

On both platforms, “older people who are married, own a home, live in the Midwest, have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and have a higher credit rating, scored higher overall”.

Those responsible for the study believe that the differences between iPhone and Android can be reduced to driving by following rules versus one based on emotions. Other studies have shown that Android users tend to be more conscientious and honest, with less inclination to break the rules. In contrast, iPhone users have been shown to be more emotional.

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