Android TV 14 will have a long-awaited novelty, what is it about?

Android TV 14 will have a long-awaited novelty, what is it about?
android tv 14 will have a long awaited novelty, what is

TVs and media players with android tv they’ve found their place in millions of homes around the world, and that’s not surprising given their vast choices. As an operating system, this option is functional, offering excellent content recommendations and stepping aside when you sit down to watch something. It seems that Google wants make it easy for you to access your favorite apps.

In the latest beta versions of Android TV 14 it has been possible to see that soon you will be able to customize the quick access buttons on the remote controls. According to Mishaal Rahman discoveredthis includes text strings that indicate that the operating system will allow you to create shortcuts to your most used apps, which you can assign to a blank button on your remote control. Users will also be able to use the custom button to view and switch input devices on the TV.

Some pictures that are clarifying

This function is currently disabled by default in the trial version, but it has been forced to take screenshots. An example is the one shown below:


It is also interesting to note that the presence of these text strings indicates that we could see television remote controls in the future with a blank button. In the past, images of a Google TV remote control with a star-shaped button have been leaked, so everything indicates that the information is completely viable.

Mishaal Rahman

However, before you get too excited, it is unlikely that you will be able to customize the existing brand buttons on your Android TV remote that you currently use. Those buttons are assigned and locked as part of the licensing agreements between the TV manufacturer and the respective brand, and Google is unlikely to open that option up to users. Also, it would be a bad experience if pressing the Netflix button opened YouTube, for example. For the customization of the buttons to be effective, the ideal is that there is a neutral one.

A long-awaited arrival for Android TV

We expect TV manufacturers to offer New remote controls that are compatible with older TVs, so everyone can access their most-used apps without having to navigate a sea of ​​menus and options. The reason is that being able to customize the buttons on the remote controls is something that more and more users demand.

Another change found in the beta version of Android TV 14 -it is curious that everything indicates that Google has decided to skip the late version of this operating system- is the inclusion of the ability to receive calls from compatible applications.

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