Android TV 13 is already a reality, and this is the best thing that will come to your Smart TV

Android TV 13 is already a reality, and this is the best thing that will come to your Smart TV

Some time ago it had been confirmed that the operating system was close to being a reality. android tv 13 but it has been now when Google has confirmed that its work has finished, therefore, it is time for the rest of the companies to get their act together and adapt the new version of this development to the devices that use it, such as for example televisions or media players.

It must be said that if you go to your TV right now if you use Android TV, the most normal thing is that you do not have any news to download. This is logical, since what has happened is that the Mountain View company has released everything necessary so that the rest can use the code and adapt it to establish the corresponding customizations. So, for example, firms like Xiaomi, Philips or Sony itself They have to start working on this. By the way, the Chromecasts are still receiving nothing at all. That is, there is a little left to be able to enjoy the news that this new version of the operating system includes.

The new thing that comes with Android TV 13

Possibly the most interesting thing that you will find, since there are no big changes in what has to do with the user interface, is that they will be offered in everything that has to do with the image management . Without going any further, it will now be possible to modify the resolution which is used by default. You can even do this with the frequency of the screen as long as the TV allows it due to the panel used and the integrated HDMI connection.


On the other hand, it has also optimized the AudioManager API , in order to solve one of the handicaps that the operating system has had for a long time: somewhat erratic sound management. And this will also be the case in connected accessories, such as consoles and sound bars. On the other hand, the recognition processes of the devices that connect to the equipment with Android TV will be lower and more efficient, something that is always appreciated.

Ideal enhancements for users

An example of what we say is that the external keyboard connection It improves significantly, so it will be much easier to achieve this and, in addition, it opens the door for many more manufacturers to bet on launching compatible accessories. And, all this, with a significant improvement in stability and performance, which will allow Smart TVs with hardware that is not very powerful to offer an improved user experience.

In what has to do with approximate dates for the arrival of Android TV 13 effectively to the devices, it must be said that must wait . It is true that Google’s Chromecasts aim to be the first to be able to use it, as is logical to think. The rest of the teams will be getting their updates from the start of 2023 …before, it seems like an absolute pipe dream.

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