Android is going to receive one of the best features of the iPhone and it will be even better

smartphone logo android 15 pantalla.jpg
smartphone logo android 15 pantalla.jpg

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Google has proposed improve your Android operating system with new functions and features that put the platform on the front line. And, in this case, it is confirmed that one of its next tools will not only match one of the best features of the iPhone, but will even improve it.

Since Apple incorporated the satellite messaging system a short time ago, many users have also wanted to have it on Android. After all, it is a function that we may not use often, but which can be crucial if we find ourselves in a risky situation. And knowing that we have access to it can reassure us a lot. A few months ago Google already said that it was working on it, but now we know more information.

Launching with Android 15

It is not official yet, but it is the theory that mainly circulates on the internet. Google is already testing this satellite messaging system for emergency situations in the latest beta of Android 14which would imply that the company could have it ready for Android 15. There is no doubt that it could be one of the great features of the next generation of the operating system, so the community is waiting impatiently for it.

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The satellite messaging section already appears in this Android beta as published by specialist Mishaal Rahman, who is a regular when it comes to discovering secrets of the Google platform. He mentions that in this beta you can find a section with the name Satellite Messaging. It provides all the information about its operation and discovers a feature that, as we indicated, will make it surpass the function available on iPhones.

Emergency messages for everyone

This is the main factor that will differentiate this satellite messaging service that Android is working on. Instead of having the ability to send SOS messages only to emergency services, what this version of the Google platform will do is liberalize the way you send messages. That way you can Also send them to your friends or familysomething that could be very important if you find yourself in a critical situation.

Satellite emergency messaging support would be activated in cases where you find that you are in a area without any type of mobile coverage. Your device would connect to one of these satellites and you could send messages. If you returned to an area with coverage, your mobile would automatically switch to your data line for use in a standard way.

A satellite in space with different tasks controlled from Earth

Aside from this, the first thing of all is to mention that this new technology It will be complementary to the SOS Satellite function which was discussed weeks ago. In that case we are talking about a system in which Google is collaborating with the Garmin Response service to provide users with emergency call support. It is assumed that with this tool we can also send messages, but as with the iPhone, it will only be to the help services. Therefore, the system we talk about today for satellite messaging will be different.

And, having said that, we have to delve deeper into how it will work. From what can be seen from the materials that Rahman has published, this service will be linked to have it contracted with an operator. In the leaks in question, the tool is linked to the T-Mobile operator, but it can be imagined that it will work with any entity that has this feature. Therefore, when this spreads, it should be something that operators begin to include with their rates or pay for additionally, depending on the type of approach they want to opt for.

On the Android Satellite Messaging configuration page you already see a section where “Your plan” is indicated, this being the place where the information about the rate you have contracted will appear. What Google also does today is highlight a series of notes so that we understand the way it works this satellite emergency messaging.

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Mishaal Rahman


Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2 has a hidden settings page for “satellite messaging.”

March 9, 2024 • 15:02



They say that, for example, messages can take longer to send than necessary, especially in certain places. They also recommend that we be in a place where the sky is clear, since clouds or large structures can influence the effectiveness of the service. Beyond this, they assure that the capacity that the emergency service would provide would be up to 4 MB, which would guarantee being able to send SMS messages, use messaging applications or send MMS.

In view of this news and the other projects related to the satellite, more and more manufacturers are rushing to Make sure your devices are ready. At the end of the day, it is clear that it could be a function very popular with the public.

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