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Android: Dynamic Island clones and Apple’s iOS 16 lockscreen are coming

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Samsung’s One UI and several Chinese Android extensions are used by Apple. This affects both the lock screens configuration and Dynamic Island.


Apple is a trendsetter when it comes to design: when the company brought the first iMac onto the market in 1998, numerous electronics companies copied the transparent, colorful plastic look of the machines shortly thereafter. And the iPhone producer also regularly serves as an inspiration for software – and to this day: Two central new functions from iOS 16 have now appeared in “Android versions”.

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Example number one is Samsung’s One UI, which the South Koreans have been offering as an overlay for large smartphones for several years. As discovered by the Android portal Techdroider, the latest beta 3 of One UI 5 comes with a lockscreen configuration option, which is strongly based on Apple’s design from iOS 16. This includes the option of configuring the design of the (large) clock, there are so-called collections with coordinated background images and widgets – the latter being limited to notifications in One UI.

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The adoption of the design is also interesting because Samsung has recently done comparative advertising for Apple products. People asked rhetorically why Apple still doesn’t offer clamshell phones and pointed out that Samsung has been offering a camera resolution of over 100 megapixels for years, while Apple has now reached 48 MP for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max .

The central UI innovation in the iPhone 14 Pro models seems to be even more popular in the Android world than Apple’s iOS 16 lock screen: the Dynamic Island. Shortly after the function was presented, which turns the “double pill” of devices with a selfie camera and Face ID sensor into an interesting interface element, Android skin providers showed possible variants of their own. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme organized this event a “contest”how you can design your “dream island” on the devices. “The UI around the camera hole could morph into different shapes and sizes to show incoming calls, notifications, alerts and more.”

Meanwhile, there is one in the Google Play Store App called Dynamic Spot popped up, which explicitly advertises that it will deliver “Dynamic Island multitasking for Android”. Among other things, it copies the ability to control music playback via the UI area. Another app that promises similar functionalities, calls itself “Vientiane Smart Island”. Other clones are “Smart Widget Box”, “Smart Bird” and a special theme for MIUI. In many cases, the products come from Chinese developers.

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