Android debuts the biggest Twitter change in recent years: voice and video calls come to X

android debuts the biggest twitter change in recent years voice.webp.webp.webp
android debuts the biggest twitter change in recent years voice.webp.webp.webp

What Elon Musk wants turn X/Twitter into a super app It is not a secret and in fact its plan continues: after announcing its intention to allow calls and video calls on its social network and months after these functions landed on iOS, in the last few hours these functions have arrived on Android.

If you were missing applications to make voice or video calls on your Android phone, now you have another one: Elon Musk has begun the implementation on devices with the Google operating system, as long as they use payment X.

How calls and video calls work on X/Twitter

Although Elon has not published an X to confirm it, it was a worker who commented a few hours ago on his old Twitter profile the progressive deployment of calls and video calls on Android devices inviting ‘update your app and call your mother‘, although we already told you that the message may sound as animated as it is far from reality.

Because although the function is not too mysterious, as long as once you have your phone updated you will be able to make voice and video calls through the platform in the message area. Specifically, those you see within the relevant section of your message settings as available.

But there is a big problem: it is a paid feature. If you want to call, it is You need to have a subscription to X Premium, which translates into paying at least 8 euros per month (16 euros if you are a Premium+ member). In the case of paying annually, the prices are reduced to 84 and 168 euros respectively. The good thing is that anyone, whether they pay or not, can receive these calls: only the person who makes them should pay.

The ability to call someone via Twitter/X has a point in that it can be useful if you want to exchange a few words live (and not through voice messages) and you don’t have their contact information available or interested in providing it. However, given the serious problems of Elon Musk’s social network with spam, it can also be become a gateway for inappropriate use, such as scam attempts. After all, if someone wants to talk to you and it’s urgent, it’s rare that they don’t have another way to contact you.

It should be noted that within the message settings it is possible and It is advisable to configure who is calling you: Yes, leave it open for anyone with a Premium subscription, only those you follow or those in your phone’s contact book.

Remains to be seen the success of these new functions now that they are available for the main mobile operating systems. And although it has been present for iOS since October, judging by the publications, it has not caused much of a stir among those who have had this option active for months.

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