Android: controlling or deleting your personal data will become easier

It is possible to erase our personal data from Google search results, but for ordinary Internet users, the process is not always easy. Google has decided to simplify it a little more on Android and offers a new tool.

Nowadays, having control of our personal data has become essential. Not only for our physical safety or to avoid identity theft, but also under the right to be forgotten established in 2014 by the Court of Justice of the European Union. However, in a constantly changing world such as the Internet, a large technology company such as Google must always offer more solutions to users. Indeed, it is now quite common to find personal details online such as telephone number, address, or family situation.

Since the beginning of the year, the giant of Menlo Park seems to emphasize the security of people and their data. Thus, if you currently wish to control your personal data, the search giant suggests that you delete obsolete content or even issue legal requisitions through forms to be sent to the webmasters of the sites concerned. That said, until now, these pages were only available in the desktop browser. Google has announced that they will soon be deployed in the Search app on Android.

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Google gives Internet users more tools to control their personal data

Claiming the disappearance or erasure of your personal data will be now much simpler. When you see information that you think is inappropriate about you when searching on Google, all you have to do is click on the three-dot icon next to the result. Clicking on the “Erase” option will take you to a page detailing how to control your data.

You will be able to follow all your current steps by clicking on your profile photo, at the top left of the Google application, to discover a new menu called “Results about you”. The tracking tool should be very complete and offer many filters. Undoubtedly, these new features will be of interest to the general public such as image management professionals. This new option is currently only available in beta in Europe and the United States, but should soon be deployed worldwide.

Source : XDA Developers