Android can now read emails aloud: reading mode improves with the latest update

android can now read emails aloud reading mode improves with.webp.webp.webp
android can now read emails aloud reading mode improves with.webp.webp.webp

Google has a tool is dedicated to offering cleaner and more pleasant reading on Android phones, which is especially useful for simplifying the experience on web pages and different sites. But that same tool You can also read aloud the text displayed on the screenbut it doesn’t work everywhere.

This reading mode, as Google has named it, is available in Chrome for Android, but now you can also read emails and even publications on different social networks. The update is now available, and we have tested it.

Listen to your emails as if they were voice memos

Sometimes it is much more comfortable to listen to something than to read it, especially if, for example, you are driving or walking and you are wearing headphones. For example, you can listen as if it were a WhatsApp voice note that long email you have received and need to attend to as soon as possible.

That is possible with Android reading mode. This is an application that, in principle, is aimed at offering greater accessibility to users who need it. But we can all take advantage of its benefits.. As I already mentioned a few lines ago, we can reproduce the content of a web page instead of reading it, if the situation warrants it. Do you want to listen to the analysis of a mobile phone as if it were a podcast? You can do it in Chrome.

And the latest update to the reading mode also allows you to play emails and posts on social networks such as X (Twitter) or Facebook in audio form.

To be able to access this function it is only necessary install reading mode app from Google Play Store. If you had already installed it, it is not necessary to do anything, since Google has carried out the update on its own servers.

Once you access an email or social media post, you can activate reading mode by using the corresponding gesture or from the dedicated button (more on this below), and the screen will show a plain text version of mail or publication. Below the text is a button to start playing the audio. Even it is possible to adjust the reading speedand the display indicates the amount of time it takes to read this text.

If we click on the gear-shaped button we can access reading mode configuration options, including the possibility of changing the font, size, color and line spacing.

We can also add a shortcut to reading mode directly in the quick settings panel of the mobile. To do this, you only need to swipe your finger twice from the top of the screen and press the pencil-shaped button to edit the icons in the quick settings panel, and add the one for reading mode.

Reading 111

But that is just one of the ways to use reading mode: it is possible to configure a gesture swiping with two fingers from the bottom of the screen, or a combination of pressing two buttons. To configure the reading mode shortcut we have to access the device’s accessibility options:

  • Go to the mobile settings menu and then to the section Accessibility
  • In this section we look for the reading mode configuration or “Reading mode” (on many mobile phones it is found in the installed applications section)
  • Choose the type of shortcut we want to use to activate reading mode
Reading 4444

Reading mode still not working perfectly when reading aloud emails and social media posts. During my tests it had some errors, especially when trying to read posts on with social media apps.” In the case of emails, it can also fail, but in most cases it was able to read my emails without problem.

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