Android Auto’s artificial intelligence summaries are here: this is how they work

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android autos artificial intelligence summaries are here this is how.webp.webp.webp

Since the end of the year we have known that Google is going to introduce artificial intelligence into its vehicle infotainment system for tasks such as summarizing messages sent to us and although the Apps ProBox team has already been able to test it live at MWC 2024, it is still AI had not reached Android Auto… until now.

Because the rollout has already begun on Android Auto for the general public. Thus, the implementation of this feature seems to have started with the latest version of this OS, the Android Auto 11.4 update. We tell you How Android Auto’s artificial intelligence message summary will work retail.

At first it went unnoticed, but how 9to5Google collects, Android Auto’s AI message summary is now available to everyone. So the first thing to learn the secrets of this tool and try it first hand is to check that you have the latest version of Android Auto. Once updated, you will receive a notification informing you of the availability of the function in question.

How Android Auto AI Summaries Work

As we knew from the beginning, Google’s AI mission is summarize long messages that come to us from different messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, while we are behind the wheel. The good thing is that you don’t need to configure anything and that its operation is very simple.

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Screenshots of the notification and configuration. Via 9to5Google

What you see above these lines is precisely the notification and the Android Auto settings screen of your mobile (which you will find in ‘Settings‘ > ‘Connected devices‘ > ‘Android Auto‘). In the Messages section, new options appear and the one that interests us is ‘Play artificial intelligence summaries’, which logically must be activated for it to work, but you can also deactivate it if you are not interested.

It is important to know that even if this function is activated, it will not always summarize the messages: for this to happen The message in question must be more than 40 words. If you have less, what will happen is that, as happened before, Google Assistant will read the messages aloud to us.

The first time the AI ​​summarizes a message for you, Google will issue a warning reminding you that it is a summary generated and the content could be slightly incorrect. While the message is read aloud by the assistant, a silent notification will appear on your phone to indicate that the generation is occurring.

In 9to5Google tests a message of more than 100 words remains at approximately 15removing the straw and decorations to leave what is truly important, something that you can see in our video with how it works:

When the voice assistant reads a summary in Android Auto, there is practically no difference in the interface compared to what it would do with reading, although an option appears to give feedback on the summary. It should be noted that it also suggests responses appropriate to the context and that it also does so while maintaining the type of language initially used.

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