Android Auto in your Tesla: the curious device to change the operating system in a matter of minutes


Tesla cars do not have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but with this accessory it is possible to use both operating systems.


Tesla has become one of the reference brands in the electrification of the car, something that in Spain is going slowly but little by little it is advancing. Despite everything, the Californian brand is not exempt from criticism, many of them justified as they are based on decisions that the company makes for reasons that customers do not always understand.

One of the most common complaints is the one caused by the absence of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in their cars. Tesla has impressive software, perhaps the best in its sector, but that does not mean that it cannot be improved. The company does not want to submit to the yoke of big technology, as mobile manufacturers did a few decades ago.

Despite that, there are ways to use Android Auto in Tesla even without having to buy any device, although it is true that the fluidity of the system left something to be desired. To solve that Devices have been designed that allow you to use Android Auto more efficiently.

A wireless Set Top Box

The device that allows this is a device that emulates the operation of Android Auto, and does so wirelessly. It is not identical to the one used in cars that already have the wired system for use without them, but it is similar. The best known is that of CarlinKit, called T2C.

It is a device that is placed in the glove compartment or in any of the compartments of the car with access to a USB C socket. There it is plugged in and linked to the car’s Wi-Fi network, as well as to Bluetooth. Through hardware it is capable of emulating Android Auto through a website more fluidly than just through the application.


Once installed, operation is simple, You simply have to start the car and open the website, and the phone pairs wirelessly and automatically. This allows the use of Android Auto compatible applications, such as Google Maps, WhatsApp and music streaming applications.

The price is $100 with shipping already included, and it can be purchased on their website or on platforms such as Amazon. There are other options including SIM card slot which makes it unnecessary to use the mobile phone as a router, which extends its autonomy.

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