Android Auto does not recognize my car: how to solve all the problems to connect the mobile

android auto does not recognize my car: how to solve

Even if you already have a built-in navigator in your car, there is no doubt that Android Auto can be a real wonder for being able to use your favorite GPS apps or synchronize your music. But it’s wonderful when it works… android auto problems They can be a real headache.

However, despite the fact that Android Auto is not a perfect platform, it is not that it is plagued with bugs or it is common to find problems connecting the mobile. If you don’t know how to act in these specific cases, don’t worry, since the solution is usually simpler than you think and precisely in this post we will see the most common ones.

Although it sounds obvious, is your car compatible with Android Auto?

Unlike what happens with Apple CarPlay, it is not always easy to find out the compatibility of a vehicle with Android Auto. On the Android website we can find a list in which all those that appear are compatible, but the truth is that it is not a list that is always updated and there may be new models that do not appear there and are compatible.

Therefore, in the end, it is most convenient that check the vehicle manuals. If you don’t keep them on paper, you can find them on the manufacturer’s website. And it is important that you make sure of this, since when trying to connect the mobile to the car, it may not work and the reason is not a lack of compatibility, but rather a specific problem such as the ones that we will explore in the following sections.

The mobile must also be compatible and updated


We understand that it is often very tedious to update the mobile and more so when we know that it is a minor update that does not incorporate great news. During the time it takes to install it, we must be without a mobile, but it is not a drama either. These updates can be the key why your mobile does not connect well with Android Auto.

In the updates, in addition to visual and functional news, security patches and bug fixes are also usually incorporated. It is possible that your current version of the system has some Android Auto related bugso it is recommended that you check if there is any new update available and, if there is not, you can force the update.

If you are already on the latest software version available or have updated and the problem persists, you can already rule out that this is the cause. In any case, it is worth knowing that also the mobile must be compatible with Android Auto. anyone who has Android 6 or later It is and considering that it is a version from years ago, it will be rare that you have an older mobile.

Follow the connection process step by step

Connect Mobile Android Auto

Once you have made sure that both your car and the mobile software are suitable for the requirements of using Android Auto, it is worth reviewing how to connect mobile to car for this system to start. If it is also the first time you use it, all the more reason you should be clear about the procedure.

The first thing is that you have already installed the Android Auto app on your mobile. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free from Google Play. If you already have it, check that it is updated to the latest version available. If necessary, the mobile will ask you to work with Android Auto, but it is better that you go with everything ready to avoid intermediate steps during the connection.

Once this process has been completed, you must open the Android Auto app and click on connect to a car. As indicated on the screen, you will have to connect the mobile to the USB port of the car via cable. After that, it will be a matter of following the instructions that may appear both on the mobile and on the screen of the car. If you follow these simple steps, there should be no connection problem. And, if there is, you will have to continue reading this post.

The cable can be the cause of all ills

USB Cable

It’s not that you need to have the latest and greatest cable on the planet to connect your phone to your car, but not just any cable will do either. Always try to prioritize the use of a official cable or at least certified and, even if it is, do not rule out that it may also be the source of the problem.

Make a visual inspection of it, checking that it is not broken or that there is not a bent part that could be generating a bad connection. Sometimes there may be internal problems in the cable that cannot be seen, so it is also convenient test that same cable in other circumstances such as charging the mobile or connecting it to a computer.

If the cable also does not work in the other actions, everything indicates that it is defective. In any case, in order to make sure, it is also interesting that try using Android Auto with other cables. If these work well for you, the source of the problem is confirmed. Otherwise, it is time to continue investigating the cause.

Try connecting wirelessly

Android Auto

Whenever (or almost always) we refer to Android Auto, we do so with its cable connection in mind. However, there is also the possibility of using it wirelessly. Of course, you should know that he has a very limited compatibility and that there is not even an official list of mobile phones and/or cars that allow it.

Therefore, you will have to play the lottery in a certain way, following these steps:

  1. Open the Android Auto app on your mobile and go to its settings.
  2. Go into System and activate the option Android Auto wirelessly.
  3. Now go to the vehicle console and connect the mobile via Bluetooth or WiFi (sharing the Internet). It will depend on what car you have that it is one way or another.
  4. Access the Android Auto menu from the car and authorize the connection.

Once you do this, the system should now work normally. Although, as we said, not all cars are compatible. If it is, you will be able to access the platform without any problem and without depending on cables that can break or cause problems.

Fix any problem related to the app

Android Force Stop

What if it’s the Android Auto app that’s causing problems? Well, you would be facing a more common problem than you think and that it is more easily solved. The first, although not strictly directly related to it, is that restart the mobile so that all the processes in the background of the mobile can be restored.

The second step is to restart the processes related to the application itself, for which it is convenient that delete your data and restart the processes. To do this you just have to go to the mobile settings and follow the route Applications > Android Auto. Once here you must click on force stop. By the way, it is convenient that you enter Storage and cache for clear storage Y clear cache.

What to do if you suspect it’s a car problem

Android Car Car

At this point, everything indicates that the origin of the problems is in your car. You may have to update firmware and/or software from its console. For this process, it is convenient that you look at its instructions, since it depends on each manufacturer.

Similarly, you can contact the manufacturer to tell him about the problem so that he can help you solve it. Maybe they have some way to run a remote diagnostic so that they can determine some kind of problem with your navigation system to solve Android Auto connection problems at once.

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