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Android Auto: all the steps to take to connect it to the car

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Android Auto all the steps to take to connect it

When Android Auto was released, it had a fairly complex installation and synchronization process, something that has thankfully changed quite a bit. If you are not sure how to synchronize your smartphone with the system integrated in your vehicle, we will explain how to achieve it in a very simple way.

One of the first things you have to do is check if your car is compatible with Android Auto. This is usually indicated in the instruction manual, but in case of doubt, the best thing you can do is call or go to a dealer of the brand and ask to clear up any doubts. If the answer you get in another way is affirmative, you will be able to enjoy Google’s operating system with all its Benefits (ranging from seamless integration with Maps to being able to manage actions on your phone with your voice, which is great when you’re driving).

How to use Android Auto in your car

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There are two ways to connect the phone. We are going to explain both to you and, as you will see, simplicity is the predominant note, so in just a few minutes -if you do not go out of the script or there is some kind of external problem-, you will be able to take advantage of everything that the work of the Mountain View company offers.

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wire usage

This is the option that has been used for quite some time, and is therefore present in most cars. ancient. It is becoming more and more obsolete, but it is important to know what to do. The first thing is to check that the USB cable you use is of good quality and that it is long enough.

Once this is done, start the car and, while you are parked, connect the aforementioned cable to the USB port what’s on the dashboard. Make it your own on your smartphone and you may have to proceed with an Android Auto update. If so, run it. Now you will see an icon of the operating system on the screen of the car and you simply have to follow the steps that are indicated.

Use the wireless option

This is the most current option and, therefore, the one that will become a standard. interface is used Bluetooth, since cars include it and also phones. The first thing is to check that everything is turned on (in the terminal you must have Bluetooth, WiFi, Data service and, also, location services). Now perform the search from the car’s smartphone in the corresponding section of the wireless connection and complete the synchronization.

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In a few seconds the Android Auto symbol on the screen and, again, you have to follow the steps indicated by the assistant so that everything is perfectly completed. So, you are done.


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