Android Auto 8.2 is now official: Google does not stop, the first beta begins to be available

Don’t let the rhythm stop, Google has taken pleasure in constantly evolving its platform for vehicles, Android Auto. Although the 8.1 stable update was released last week, now it is the turn of 8.2. As usual, first comes out in beta for the lucky ones who are signed up for the list (and soon in apk).

Having a car with an infotainment system allows you to enjoy traveling avoiding distractions when messages ring, calls drop or whenever you want to find a new song to play. Android Auto is perfect for this task. And, as car screens continue to evolve, Google must adapt to all possible formats with a constantly moving interface. Coolwalk is a novelty that has been on the way for months. And it doesn’t look like Android Auto 8.2 brings it with it.

The beta of Android 8.2 begins to circulate

Coolwalk Android Auto Interface

Coolwalk in Android Auto with two formats: horizontal and vertical menu (Rails). not available yet

The strategy of the development team behind Android Auto maintains a continuous release process that, after updating the platform to a stable version, soon after releases the next version in beta. Not only that: Android Auto is firmly updated once every month, approximately. At this rate, it seems that the platform is including news every month. It is not the case.

As confirmed in the specialized Android Auto forum on Reddit, those who are signed up for the beta of the app are receiving version 8.2, the first in development. This opens the door for everyone who uses Android Auto to try the news, if any visible is really coming: apk file will be distributed soon.

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Beta users on Reddit have confirmed that the Coolwalk interface is still not available to the naked eye (yes, it can be activated with root and following a very specific process). The apk is not yet available: it will appear shortly via APK Mirror.

As soon as we have access to the Android Auto 8.2 beta apk we will analyze the code to find out if Google has made internal changes. In principle, the visible changes are the usual improvements in stability and compatibility with different models and makes of cars. With the jump from 8.0 to 8.1, Android Auto included different experiments with Google Assistant and the vertical interface of Coolwalk; so the safest thing is that Android Auto 8.2 will strengthen the experience with the aforementioned Coolwalk. Of course, it will continue without access for the majority.

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