Android Auto 11.5 is now available: news and how to download the new beta version

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Betas return to Android Auto after version 11.4 was released directly to stable, something that is not common at all. So now you can update to Android Auto 11.5 beta.

Android Auto 11.5 beta is now available for download and in fact it will be updated automatically for those who are part of the beta program. The rest will have to resort, as usual, to installing from the APK.

Android Auto 11.5 Beta

A week after the official launch of stable Android Auto 11.4, Google now has the test version of the next version ready: Android Auto 11.5. As always, we have tested Android Auto 11.5 in search of new featuressince Google is still determined not to update the list of news present on Google Play.

A change that we have found in Android Auto 11.5 beta is found in the application settings on the mobile. A new setting appears in them: Notifications with Assistantwhich appears to be related to AI message digests.


Android Auto 11.4 (left) and Android Auto 11.5 beta (right)

The description of said setting indicates that it controls whether we allow that Android Auto send the notifications that we receive to Google to the mobile, for functions such as reading aloud or, although it does not mention it specifically, AI summaries.

Indeed, these summaries are sent to Google for processing, although in any case they claim that they are not saved. In any case, you will have the option to avoid it, although it is foreseeable that in return you will lose certain functions. We have not found any other visible changes and Google has not updated either the list of known errors that maintains

If you want to try Android Auto 11.5 beta on your mobile now, it will be automatically updated if you are part of the beta program. If you are not in the beta program, you can download Android Auto 11.5 beta APK from APKMirror and install it as another application.

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