Android Auto 11.3 is now available: how to download the new beta version

android auto 113 is now available how to download the.webp.webp.webp
android auto 113 is now available how to download the.webp.webp.webp

Just a week after Android Auto 11.2 reached everyone through Google Play, Google has its next update ready: Android Auto 11.3 beta.

This is version 11.3.1405 beta, which those who are part of the Android Auto beta program on Google Play will be able to update normally, while the rest must opt by APK. As usual, We have tested Android Auto 11.3 beta in search of news.

Android Auto 11.3 beta

Google has picked up the pace again after Android Auto updates after the Christmas holidays and we return to a new version every week. We have like this Android Auto 11.3 beta one week after the stable and two weeks after the last beta.

We have installed Android Auto 11.3 in search of new features, as usual, and the truth is that at the moment we have not found any difference with the previous version, although we have been able to Try out the new Wizard interface design with a vertical button panel, the one that appears on widescreen screens.


Android Auto 11.3 beta

With this design, Google has a little more difficulty ensuring that the Assistant does not cover the map, since it would not be very optimal to write the text vertically, so Google has opted for another solution. The navigation bar still turns into the Assistant animation, but texts are displayed in a small bubble that cover the main application less than the previous design.

Other Wizard windows, such as choosing a contact to call or in


And yes, Android Auto 11.3 beta still insists that my phone is too hot and it should turn off the screen to reduce its temperature, even though that doesn’t really seem like the case. It is expected that internal changes and much-needed fixes will also be included, even though Google has not indicated any additional changes in its list of known bugs.

If you want to try Android Auto 11.3 beta on your mobile now, it will be automatically updated if you are part of the beta program. If you are not in the beta program, you can download Android Auto 11.3 beta APK from APKMirror and install it as another application.

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