Android Auto 11.2 is now available to everyone on Google Play with two interesting new features

android auto 112 is now available to everyone on google.webp.webp.webp
android auto 112 is now available to everyone on google.webp.webp.webp

Google just launched a new Android Auto update in stable version, that is, available to all users. It is version 11.2, which we learned about as beta last week and which took very little time to reach everyone.

The stable version of Android Auto 11.2 It maintains the two new features that we had previously known: the warning that our phone is too hot and the new design for the Google Assistant.

What’s new in Android Auto 11.2

There is a new Android Auto in town and, as usual, the first thing we did was test Android Auto 11.2 in search of new features. Many times this search ends in nothing, since Google usually updates Android Auto frequently with internal changes, but on this occasion arrives with two new features.

The first of them is the new design for the Assistant. When we invoke the Assistant by pressing the microphone button (or the button for this on the car controls), the Assistant interface is integrated into the keypad or the side panel, depending on the configuration of Android Auto.


The idea is that the Assistant interface is displayed in secondary places such as on the button panel or in the section reserved for widgets, to prevent it from covering the map while it appearswhich personally I think is a great idea.

We learned about the second change in the beta and it is a notification that It will notify us if our phone is overheating while we use Android Auto, something that is relatively common. In the stable version, the warning keeps showing up, so either it doesn’t work very well or what Android Auto considers “too hot” is actually a bit mild.


It is usual that phone overheats when using Android Auto, especially if we are connecting it without a cable and it is charging wirelessly. If the phone overheats, it will go slower and the Android Auto experience will be worse, and there may even be disconnections. Now the application will notify us so that we take it into account more.

The notification itself gives us the idea of turn off mobile screen to reduce heating, although if it is already off then you will have to take additional measures such as changing its location so that it is not exposed to the sun or leaving charging for later when you have completed the route.

Android Auto 11.2 is already being distributed through Google Play, so it is possible that it has already been updated on your mobile. The new version is version 11.2.640404 and These are the steps to update:

  • First, check which version of Android Auto you already have, as it may have been updated without you knowing.
  • If you still don’t have Android Auto 11.2, open Google Play and tap on your profile photo, then choose Manage apps and device. Press then Update all.
  • If you still don’t see the update, visit the Android Auto 11.2 on APKMirror and download the file to your mobile.
  • Open the file (it will open with the package installer) and press Update when asked.

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