Android Auto 11.2 beta is its hottest update and will ensure the health of your mobile

these apps came installed on my android auto and i.webp.webp.webp
these apps came installed on my android auto and i.webp.webp.webp

Google has just launched a new version of Android Auto that, as usual, arrives first in the form of a beta available to those who are registered in the beta program on Google Play. Is about Android Auto 11.2 Beta which arrives two weeks after the last beta and one week after the last official update.

We have tested Android Auto 11.2 Beta in search of new features and on this occasion the update has surprised us with a novelty and what seems to be an error that is a bit incomprehensible, although we must remember that this is precisely why betas exist.

Android Auto 11.2 Beta is on fire

The time has come to update Android Auto, especially if you are one of those who want to be absolutely up to date or suffer from a problem with the system and want to test if it has been resolved in the latest update. Arrives Android Auto 11.2, first in beta.

We have tested this new version of Android Auto and the first surprise has been curious: when opening the configuration on the mobile, we are told that Android Auto is not prepared for this version of Android (Android 14), so it may not work properly. Luckily, it works correctly, but this type of notice is what appears in old applications that are based on an outdated API and that is not what we expect in the most recent update of an official Google application. Interestingly, AppChecker indicates that the app has Android 14 as the Target API, so it’s not clear where the message is coming from.


Beyond the above, in the car Android Auto 11.2 beta has surprised us in another way: with a notification indicating that the mobile is too hot, which simply says “the phone is too hot” and the suggestion to “Try turning off the screen.” This, despite the mobile being at a normal temperature, so it is possible that this also needs an improvement before being officially introduced.

He mobile overheating while using Android Auto It is a real problem that is accentuated when we connect the mobile wirelessly and if the mobile phone is left in the sun (due to being on a stand, for example). If the phone overheats, it will slow down or even turn off, so it’s not a bad idea for Android Auto to give us a hand by checking the temperature and informing us about it.

If your phone overheats while using Android Auto, there is little you can do beyond using the cable instead of the wireless connection, turning off the screen and putting the phone in the shade, but the new notification, which It cannot be deactivated but it can be deleted when it appearsit will be useful for us to realize it without having to touch the mobile.

Android Auto 11.2 beta is shipping through its beta program on Google Play and, if you are not part of it or it has not yet reached you, you can download and install from your APK in APKMirror.

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