Android Auto 11.2 arrives with two new features that all drivers will like


Android Auto It has become one of the most comfortable ways to have all our mobile content at hand on the navigation screen of our car. As if that were not enough, it is one of the technologies that Google updates most frequently, so it already has new features in just a few days after the previous version.

This software allows you to easily connect your phone to the car screen and all your Android applications, navigation applications, music listening applications, etc. will appear. Of course, every so often a new version is released with useful new features.

What’s new in the Android Auto 11.2 version

Every so often we have a new Android Auto update with which news arrives and certain defects are corrected according to the feedback of drivers who use this form of Google navigation.

The Android Auto 11.2 update, which was launched in beta a few weeks ago, has already passed the testing period and now is available to all driverswithout needing to be part of the testing program.

Android Auto apps

The first of the changes has to do with a security notice. Specifically, an alert will appear on the screen when the phone is overheating while using it in Android Auto. When detecting that the temperature of the smartphone has increased, not only an alert will appear on the screen, but also advice to lower the fever how to turn off the screen. It must be remembered that this overheating not only reduces battery life exaggeratedly, but also has an impact on the application itself and may be the reason for disconnections.

The other big news is that the Google Assistant has been redirected to certain positions that do not interfere with the correct visualization of the map. Instead of a pop-up window that takes up valuable screen space, the new animation uses the dock located at the bottom of the screen or on the side (for vertical configurations).

Phased update

Remember that Android Auto updates are implemented via Google Play Store in stages, meaning some users get them before others. While early users could receive the update today, others will have to wait up to several weeks to receive the new version.

You can check if in your case you already have it available:

Android Auto
Android Auto

Otherwise, you can force the manual download. This allows Android users to update Android Auto to version 11.2 by downloading the APK installer locally and manually starting the update on the device.

The first step is to download the Android Auto 11.2 APK file. Once the download is complete and the file is saved on your smartphone, you must browse to its location using a file manager to navigate to the APK installer location.

Next, you need to tap on the APK installer. You will see a message asking you to unlock the installing apps from third party sources, since Android only allows installing apps from the Google Play Store in the default settings. Once you allow the download, the process should complete in seconds. No further steps are necessary as there is no need to remove the existing Android Auto installation.

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