Android Auto 11.1 is now available: news and how to download the new beta version now

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New year, new version of Android Auto, although we have had to wait a little longer than usual. The last time Google updated Android Auto was on December 22 with version 11.0 stable and now, almost three weeks later, we already have the next beta version: Android Auto 11.1 beta.

The version of Android Auto with the most number ones in its name is now available to download for those who are part of the elusive beta program on Google Play. As usual, We have tested Android Auto 11.1 beta in search of news.

Android Auto 11.1 beta now available

The Android Auto development team is back from vacation and has already released the first Android Auto update of the year, which is now being distributed to users. Is the first Android Auto update of the yearalthough from what we have been able to verify it maintains the same pace of news as on previous occasions.

After testing Android Auto 11.1 beta, we have not found visible new features that we would not have seen before, such as icons with different shapes or the possibility of using the mobile wallpaper. The only visible novelty is that the icons of applications based on Android Auto (GameSnacks and Personalize) include a small car icon superimposed.


For the rest, we already know that Android Auto news is usually activated from the server side, so it is possible that it includes some other changes up its sleeve. The list of known Android Auto errors that Google maintains indicates that They are investigating system disconnections since the December update, so bug fixes may also be included.

Android Auto 11.1 beta is shipping through its beta program on Google Play and, if you are not part of it, you can download and install it from its APK in APKMirror.

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