Android Auto 11.0 is now available to everyone on Google Play: what’s new and how to update

android auto 110 is now available to everyone on google.webp.webp.webp
android auto 110 is now available to everyone on google.webp.webp.webp

It took a lot longer than expected, but it’s here: Android Auto 11.0 can now be downloaded from Google Play, without betas or APK. This update comes one month after the last stable version and three weeks after being released as a beta. This, with the background that the latest versions took only a week to go from beta to stable.

Android Auto changes digits although we already know that version changes do not necessarily go hand in hand with new functionality. However, in this new version we are going to notice that the icons may have another shape, depending on the brand of our mobile.

Android Auto 11.0 with new icons

Android Auto goes up to eleven and changes digits, something that has not happened since July when version 10.0 was officially launched. As usual, We have tested Android Auto 11.0 in search of new featuressince the official list of changes on Google Play remains frozen in time.

Something that you will notice as soon as you update to Android Auto 11.0 is that icons can have a completely different shape to the one they had before. This is so because now Android Auto will “inherit” in a certain way the configuration of the shape of the mobile icons to use them in the car, so instead of being circular as until now they could have a square shape with rounded edges, squircle or others.


This is the only change that we have found, although it is to be hoped that Google has taken advantage of the opportunity to correct some error or make internal changes that will be activated from the server side later.

Speaking of changes from the server side, the ones we met in the past they are still pendingincluding being able to use the same wallpaper as on the mobile, support for Zoom, the redesign of the settings with Material You or the setting to change the app that opens at startup that we were able to see briefly back in April.

Now that Android Auto 11.0 is being distributed as a stable version, you should receive the update normally through Google Play. If you like download and update to Android Auto 11.0do this:

  • First, check which version of Android Auto you already have, as it may have been updated without you knowing.
  • If you don’t have Android Auto 11.0 yet, open Google Play and tap on your profile photo, then choose Manage apps and device. Press then Update all.
  • If you still don’t see the update, visit the Android Auto 11.0 on APKMirror and download the file to your mobile.
  • Open the file (it will open with the package installer) and press Update when asked.

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