Android and Windows 11 are going to be much more united thanks to this function

A girl turning on her cell phone while working on the computer

Microsoft confirms its interest in the relationship between Android and Windows 11 go much further. With the latest novelty that they are testing, it is clear what their plans are and the way in which they are willing to overcome those limits that existed long ago between mobile phone and computer.

In the past, Microsoft was reluctant to work closely with Android because of, among other things, the existence of Windows Phone. But that was already buried in the past and, today, the Windows entity knows perfectly well that ally with Google’s operating system It is not a bad idea. With their new function, which further reduces connectivity between both platforms, they are going one step further.

Instant access to your photos

Microsoft’s idea is to position your computer as the main tool you use when editing photos, sending them or sharing them on social networks. Therefore, what they are doing is testing a new feature that will make photos taken with an Android mobile transmit instantly to the user’s Windows 11 computer.

Alert to share an Android photo with Windows



The process will be very simple. Every time you take a photo, a warning message will appear on the computer screen as a notification so that, when you click, the image will instantly open with the Snipping Tool of the Microsoft operating system. From that point it will be possible to see it very large to check its quality, edit it at will or share it in the way each user sees fit. The image above this paragraph is exactly how the notice will look.

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You have to activate it

For now, this new feature has been distributed in Preview version 23619 to which users who are part of the Insider program have access. However, it is a characteristic that, obviously, has not been activated automatically, but you have to activate it manually. If you are among the people who have access to the Insider versions, you should know that the process to activate this new feature involves first entering Settings, then Bluetooth and devices and, finally, Mobile devices. Once there you have to select Manage devices.

Android mobile connection system with Windows 11

Now authorize your computer to connect to your Android mobile, since it will be essential for the photos to be shared between the two terminals. In addition to this, a Cross Device Experience Host system update is used that will be downloaded from the Windows Store. For now is in testing period, but it seems that this feature will find its place in Windows 11. The main reason for this is that, in these Insider versions, Microsoft has decided to eliminate the remote capture system that was previously available and used by Phone Link. So it looks like this new idea will take its place.

Likewise, although this is a great novelty, the latest update of the Preview versions has included another change that is worth commenting on. This is the incorporation of Microsoft Teams meeting reminders directly in the Start menu of the operating system. As you can see in the image that the company has released, the reminders are added at the bottom, right in the “Recommended” area. In this way they hope that there will be fewer people who get confused with the meetings planned with the tool.

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Microsoft Teams notices in the Windows 11 Start menu

These reminders will appear when there are five minutes left in the meeting and have the convenience of allowing you to click on them to go straight to space meeting. Of course, this seems to only be available, at least for now, for Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Enterprise users who also have a Microsoft Login ID.