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Android 14 will display another low battery notification when the phone is at 2%

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O Android 14 should bring as one of its novelties the notification in low battery just before the phone completely discharges itself. This information comes from the Android Police portal, which mentioned the presence of this detail in a developer preview of the operating system.

With that, the smartphone will display a message written “very low battery” as a last warning sign for the user to connect it to the charger when the percentage reaches 2%. The warning at this level does not appear in the previous version of the software and the arrival of the change is yet another reminder to urgently charge the item.

In Android 13, for example, the message that warns about the low battery level appears when the device is at 20% and another when it reaches 10%. Despite being very low, it may happen that the user does not think it is so low and continues using the device.

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That said, the warning that appears at 2% in notifications is a way to make the owner of the cell phone actually connect the model to the charging cable before it turns off completely. Other features that the next version of the operating system is expected to bring include flash notifications.

The next version of the software, however, should not arrive for some Galaxy devices and you can see what they are in this article. This low battery notification, in turn, can be seen in the developer preview, which can be accessed on mobile phones:

  • Pixel 4a (5G);
  • Pixel 5;
  • Pixel 5a;
  • Pixel 6;
  • Pixel 6 Pro;
  • Pixel 6a;
  • Pixel 7;
  • Pixel 7 Pro.

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