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Android 14 will be compatible with satellite networks: the anticipation of Google

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Google confirm: with Android 14 comes the satellite support. It is Hiroshi Lockheimer – SVP of the company – who reveals it via Twitter, thus opening up new possibilities of connection especially to those who live in rural areas where the cellular network is still scarce or completely absent. The announcement comes a few days after the joint Starlink / T-Mobile declaration that decrees the compatibility of telco’s smartphones with the internet network provided by SpaceX.

The Mountain View company therefore accelerates on this aspect, anticipating Apple which, apparently, would have completed the development of the necessary hardware for satellite telephony, but would not be completely ready yet as There are still no agreements with individual operators.

Incredible to think of the user experience for phones capable of connecting to satellites. When we launched G1 in 2008, it was difficult to get 3G + WiFi to work. We are now working for the satellites. Fantastic! Excited to support our partners in enabling this in the next version of Android!

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So satellite connectivity for smartphones begins to slowly turn into reality with the first commitments made by companies (there is also Qualcomm in the game) and telephone operators. It will still take some time, and not just for Apple: considering that support will come with Android 14, for Google we will have to wait at least the last part of 2023, as well as for Starlink and T-Mobile. In the latter case, the service will initially be limited to messaging, with the hope that it will soon be extended to navigation and voice calls. The connection speed, in fact, will initially be between 2 and 4 Mbps, and the debut is expected at the end of next year.

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