Android 14 will be a reality on watches with WearOS 5, and Google intends to include it this year

Android 14 will bring Ultra HDR feature that will enable more colorful photos with automatic brightness
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Many times we have not been interested in purchasing a smart watch because we think that we are not going to use it. But with the new update that arrives for WearOS, Samsung’s operating system, we will surely rethink it. And the South Korean brand’s smartwatches are about to receive a version of Android 14 accompanied by the announcement of the possible models that will be updated.

There is no doubt that Apple Watch is the most popular brand of watches and one of the best-selling models worldwide, but this could change if the partnership between Samsung and Google finally ends up expanding until the arrival of fresh news. However, in WearOS there are already Android applications that are perfectly compatible with Samsung watches, but in future updates a big change will occur as we echo that the technology company is in talks with Google to the arrival of Android 14 to WearOS 5.

Android 14, new ally of WearOS 5

It is not new that Google integrates its operating system into WearOS, because we have already seen it on other occasions. For more than five years, this operating system has always been based on a version of Android. In this way, WearOS 2.0 carried the Android 9 version, WearOS 3.0 had Android 11 integrated and WearOS 4.o the recent Android 13.

Although Samsung renews its interface for watches every year, apparently in 2024 there will no longer be a generational leap of two versions of Android and now we will have a much more immersive partnership with the famous Internet search engine to bring all the functionalities of Android 14 to WearOS 5, which is expected to launch this year. And everything indicates that soon Android 15 also ends up in the hands of the South Korean firm to implement it in WearOS 6.


Which smartwatch will benefit?

At the moment, it has not been specified which models will carry WearOS 5, although there are already some brands that come with one of the Samsung versions as standard, such as the Huawei Watch GT3, Xiaomi Watch S1 or the Oppo Watch Free, among others. , so it is possible that they will be updated, as long as the electronic device technology giant gives its approval.

What is certain is that the new Galaxy Watch 7 is one of the candidates to carry WearOS 5, so it is expected that Android 14 is already perfectly linked and functional. In addition, it has already been reported that its new chip, the Exynos 5535, is being prepared to be released very soon, so we might not see the company’s new generation of smartwatches until well into the summer.

Finally, not all the details that Android 14 will include in WearOS 5 WearOS 5 have been discussed either, but it is understood that will significantly improve performance, increasing fluidity as we navigate through the watch’s menus. Although there is no word on the official launch of WearOS 5, it is expected that it will not arrive until after the Pixel Watch series itself is updated.