Android 14 could turn your smartphone into a webcam

android 14 could turn your smartphone into a webcam.jpg
android 14 could turn your smartphone into a webcam.jpg

Google probably has a lot of ambition for Android 14, the future update of its operating system, especially with regard to the interaction between a smartphone and a computer.

Apple continuity camera

While Apple already allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam on its Macs, Android still does not allow you to transform your smartphone, but that could soon change. While so far you have had to use third-party apps such as Camo, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system may well allow you to use the feature natively.

Indeed, Mishaal Rahman spotted source code indicating that Google is working on its own alternative to Camo and Apple’s Continuity Camera. Currently called “DeviceAsWebcam”, this one will do exactly what its name suggests, i.e. allow you to connect an Android device to your computer and use it as a webcam.

Android 14 will let you use your smartphone as a webcam

Unlike Apple’s Continuity Camera, which only works between iOS and macOS devices, it doesn’t seems to be no limit to using your Android device as a webcambecause there are options such as the “USB Video Class” or “UVC” standard in Android, which could allow it to work with a wide variety of different devices.

The latter is used by a large majority of traditional webcams, which indicates that your Android smartphone could be used as a webcam on desktop computers, but also on laptops. By the way, a new system property ro.usb.uvc.enabled has been created at Google. Everything therefore suggests that the standard will be at the center of functionality.

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It is possible that this new feature will be available in Android 14 later in 2023, although some features like this in the past have taken several years to come to fruition. So hopefully Google has a lot of motivation to align itself with Apple this year, but of course we’ll find out more. by the company’s next annual conference in the spring, Google I/O 2023. It is on the occasion of this that Google will present several new AIs, its Pixel 7a as well as its Pixel Fold.