Android 14 comes to Vivo mobile phones: these are the models that will receive it

Vivo models that will receive it Android 14

Vivo has confirmed the list of devices that will receive Funtouch OS 14, the new version of its layer based on Android 14. 

The launch of Android 14 for Pixel phones was just the beginning; Now it is the manufacturers’ turn to adapt their customization layers to the new system and update their devices. Some companies like Samsung have already started the update to Android 14 , and now it’s Vivo’s turn.

The manufacturer has confirmed today the list of devices that will receive its version of Android 14, and the deadlines; The company has presented a complete update plan that will extend over the next year, ending in July 2024, at least for the moment.

Although Vivo announced Blue OS , its new operating system that follows in the footsteps of Xiaomi’s HyperOS and Huawei’s HarmonyOS, for the moment its current phones will continue to use Funtouch OS, although it is not clear if devices launched in the coming years will make the leap.

Android 14 for vivo

Funtouch OS will begin reaching early users in mid-November 2023. The list of supported devices is as follows:

  • X Series
  • X90 Pro – November 2023
  • X80 Pro – December 2023
  • X80 Lite – February 2024
  • X60 Pro – May 2024
  • V series
  • V29 – January 2024
  • V29 Lite – February 2024
  • V32 – April 2024
  • Y Series
  • Y55 – May 2024
  • Y35 – June 2024
  • Y36 – June 2024
  • Y22s – July 2024

Funtouch OS 14 brings the new features of Android 14 to Vivo mobile phones, in addition to several developments and improvements from the company. One of the priorities in this generation has been improving the experience , which is now more fluid and has improved multitasking. Therefore, users should notice that their mobile is faster without doing anything.

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One of the keys is in the new ‘Memory Booster’, which improves RAM memory savings by adding up to 600 MB of space that apps can use; However, it will be available only for mobile phones with 8 GB of RAM or more. Regarding multitasking, the big news is that it now allows you to keep 12 small windows active in the background, to facilitate work and the use of several apps at the same time.

Like Android 14, Funtouch OS 14 brings new customization options, in this case the clock and font. It also brings improvements in privacy, such as a new function called Smart Mirroring that allows you to share the screen without the notification bar appearing , to prevent someone from seeing personal information from other apps. Hidden photos can now be password protected, to prevent someone from picking up your phone and looking at them. Finally, a novelty that will surely attract the attention of many users is the new video editing, which allows you to export videos in their original quality, in addition to customizing video quality settings and 25 additional filters.