Android 14 beta 3.1 is in rollout: the Pixel fingerprint reader comes back to life

android 14, google needs us: evaluation questionnaire for beta 3
android 14, google needs us: evaluation questionnaire for beta 3


Google started the Android 14 beta 3.1 rollouta minor update to the latest in-development version of Android that doesn’t introduce anything new but deals with solve some problems emerged with beta 3 last week. If there are sometimes very annoying bugs in a beta release we cannot be surprised: they are designed to gradually refine the product and allow developers to familiarize themselves with the new system, they are not (and should not be in a sense) suitable for everyday use.



For which the fingerprint reader malfunction digital screens experienced by some on Pixels running Android 14 beta 3 is not surprising. Those who have had to deal with the problem say that the reason for the failure was the fact that the operating system completely ignored the presence of the fingerprint readerit was as if it wasn’t there. All that remained was to use the smartphone with the old systems, pattern, password or Pin, to be used both for unlocking the phone and for accessing those apps that used the fingerprint reader to authorize access.

However, Google has just intervened with Android 14 beta 3.1, “filler” release that solves the issue of fingerprint recognition and also a compatibility problem. here is the changelog official accompanying latest beta:

  • fixed unlock issues with fingerprint reader not available or unusable on some devices
  • Fixed compatibility issues affecting the mapping SDKs, resulting in some apps crashing in several cases.

With Android 14 beta 3 Google had introduced a number of novelty, which obviously remain on Android 14 beta 3.1. Here they are in summary:

  • new charging indicator
  • new colors for app icons
  • rounder corners for screenshot keys
  • lock screen customization
  • new tutorial for gesture navigation.


The transition to Android 14 beta 3.1 from beta 3 should be proposed by the smartphone itself in the next few hours. If not or if you don’t want to wait, here are the Direct links to download factory images and OTA:

  • Pixel 7a: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 7 Pro: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 7: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 6a: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 6 Pro: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 6: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 5a: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 5: Factory | OTA
  • Pixel 4a (5G): Factory | OTA.
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