Android 14 arrives at Oppo: we have tested Color OS 14 and these are its new features


Oppo Color OS 14

OPPO has announced its new interface, Color OS 14, inspired by marine motifs and with Android 14 as a base. These are all their news.

OPPO is one of the brands that takes the most care of software development of their cell phones. The company has never chosen to have an aggressive pricing policy, because it wanted to position itself in a market sector that demanded other things. And in these types of segments, software is something that must be taken care of, especially in markets like Spain, where it is still present.

After Google’s announcement of Android 14, some brands such as Samsung have announced the update of their interfaces to this version. In the case of the Korean company it is One UI 6, which has already reached some models in Spain. Other Asian firms, such as Xiaomi or Vivo have announced plans to create their own operating systems, always based on Android. In the case of Xiaomi it has been HyperOS and in Vivo’s case, BlueOS.

OPPO is not far behind, and Color OS 14 has been announced. This new interface, based on the sea, with a continuous aesthetic and improvements in certain aspects, will begin to reach the first models in a few weeks, first in beta phase and then in a stable manner.

OPPO has greatly refined the behavior of desktops with elements such as resizable folders with clickable elements, or the ability to change the shape of icons. But none of that is new. What is included now is a Search button in place between sticky icon dock and desktopswhere before only the symbols of the different desktops appeared.

If you click there, the device’s search engine opens, where you can search for settings, applications, data, etc. The only thing we didn’t like is that In this search engine a row of recommended applications is integrated. They are not pre-installed apps, but they do appear as ads, and if you click on them, the corresponding tab in the Google Play Store opens to install the application.

Oppo Color OS 14

These suggestions appear when searching as well, it is strange that alternatives are offered from the Google Play Store that do not seem to be the best quality. Perhaps there is some kind of commercial agreement between these companies and OPPO, as we have seen with brands like Xiaomi, but the company has not confirmed anything.

Personalization is now greater. To begin with, there are new Always-On Display designs, the function that allows you to always have the time and notifications visible, even if the rest of the screen is off. The new elements are linked to the actions we take. For example, if we walk more it will be reflected in the design, indicating how we have contributed to improving the environment.

Oppo Color OS 14

There’s also a new lock screen, reminiscent of the iPhone, with widgets that allow you to have shortcuts without unlocking the mobile. This section is within the Wallpapers and Style option, and also allows you to configure a new theme that makes the lock screen change with the weather.

This way, It is possible to know the weather by looking at your cell phone., without unlocking it. Of course, these types of covers are predefined and allow you to change the widgets in the locations that each one has, but not add or remove them.

Oppo Color OS 14

New sounds inspired by water have also been included, specifically 9 sound themes and 11 sounds in the interface. For example, a sound that sounds like a drop of water is added to the screenshot sound. It is strange that this sound does not replace the normal one, but that both are heard, but it could be a small bug since the version of Color OS 14 that we are testing is the beta.

One of the latest innovations from Apple has been the Dynamic Island, a software solution that improved the usability of some applications. Brands like realme (which belong to the same group as OPPO) announced similar functions, and there is even an app that simulates it, but they are not as deep integrations as the one that Color OS 14 has.

Oppo Color OS 14

This function, for now, We have seen that it is in system applications, like the recorder, but not in others like Spotify. When recording starts you can minimize the app to an area at the top, and if you press it it opens the app again. Can also be enlarged slightlywithout occupying the entire screen, leaving your finger pressed on the small capsule that appears.

One of the most interesting features is Smart Touch, which allows you to select text and drag it into a window that appears in the upper left area. There it is saved in a kind of clipboard. You can also create quick notes with the application that comes standard, or with others such as those from Microsoft.

Oppo Color OS 14

Another feature is File Dock, from where you can select files and texts and drag them to other applications. For example, it is very simple open that bar when we are in Gmail and drag the files, images there and elements that you want to attach in the email. It also allows you to have pieces of text to copy and paste. It’s like what Gboard has, but vitaminized.

This feature, Smart Image Matting, integrated into OPPO’s gallery application, allows crop subjects from images and create cutouts, like Apple does. The company boasts of being able to crop multiple subjects, although in the version of Color OS analyzed it was not yet active.

In addition, fluidity is improved, with a less heavy system, which makes it Internal memory save up to 20 GB. AND RAM memory allows you to have applications in the background for up to 72 hours, thanks to the CPU being more energy efficient. Added to this is better permission management when apps want to access our photos and videos, in addition to all the new features of Android 14 that Google integrated into the system.

OPPO models will be updated little by little, as is normal, with the free terminals being the ones that receive the update first, and later those sold by operators. The company has confirmed that stable versions of Color OS 14 will arrive throughout the month of November.

OPPO Reno 10 Pro

Regarding the mobile phones that will be updated, a list of models was published a few months ago, to which we must add those that have been launched later, such as the OPPO Reno 10 Pro. The tests of this analysis have been carried out with an OPPO Find N2 Flip, but with the Color OS 14 beta version, not the stable one.

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