Android 13 fixes about 150 Pixel 6 bugs

analisis pixel 6a teknofilo 29.jpg
analisis pixel 6a teknofilo 29.jpg

The stable version of Android 13 started shipping yesterday. The update brings new features, but it also fixes bugs. In fact, Android 13 fixes about 150 bugs on Pixel phones.

Some of these bug fixes are fairly minor, but others are notable. In any case, bug fixes are always good.

One of the improvements worth noting is related to the fingerprint scanner performance. The Pixel 6, 6 Pro and 6a don’t offer the best fingerprint scanner experience, but Google is trying to fix that

In fact, the company has several changelog entries that refer to the fingerprint scanner. For example, it has fixed the problem that it stopped working on the Pixel 6 without any cause.

It has also improved recognition latency and response time. The company even lists general usability improvements for fingerprint registration. It remains to be seen whether these changes actually improve the performance of the fingerprint scanner in any noticeable way.

The company has also improved the idle power consumptionlike the wireless charging for various Pixel phones.

Fixed issues screen flickering issues and the same goes for the app installation problems that some people experienced. Improved GPS stability and location accuracy, as well as some Android Auto related issues.