Android 13: adoption exceeds 5% in five months



The time has come to take stock of the adoption of Android 13 since the operating system became available on the first devices, roughly five months ago. So we find out that Google’s latest operating system hit 5.2% of the total Android ecosystem.

It must be said that Google used to offer updates on a monthly basis, but in recent years the tech giant has shared less information of this type, and in fact no updates had been provided since last August, with the last one released earlier of the arrival of Android 13 in stable form. We can therefore say it officially, the one to follow it is the first distribution graph of 2023 proposed by Android Studio.

We thus discover that, in addition to the 5.2% occupied by Android 13, 18.9% of the total is occupied by Android 12 and 12L, which show a significant increase from the 13.5% reached in August 2022. If we then look at the trend of previous versions, we find that Android Oreo has finally dropped below 10% for the first time in history. Not only that, it drops the Android Jelly Bean chart, which previously boasted a 0.3%, and is now no longer listed. Android KitKat still resists, dropping from the previous 0.9% to the current 0.7%.

Although the percentages may still seem low in absolute terms, a big boost to adoption has been given by the many updates released in recent months by the main manufacturers, such as the very recent one by Sony for Xperia 10 IV or the one by Asus for Zenfone 8 and 8 Flip , just to mention the most recent ones.

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