Android 12 will let you play games while they download

This afternoon is being celebrated Google for Games Summit, an event for video game developers in which Google is announcing its news for Android game development, and one of the most important news has been ‘Play while you download’.

As of Android 12 we will no longer have to wait for a game to download completely to be able to play. Google Play will allow us to play before the download is finished.

Play while you download

This feature will allow users to play a game in a few seconds while the game resources are downloaded in the background. According to Google games will be ready to play at least twice as fast.

This is thanks to the Android App Bundle already Play Asset Delivery, with which when the minimum resources have been downloaded to start playing, the “Play” button on Google Play is activated and the shortcut of the game is added to our application drawer.

As we can see in this animated GIF, on the left the user has to wait about 25 seconds for the game to download completely, while on the left at 10 seconds, when the download reaches 18% it already allows the user to play.

Developers can now sign up for the “Play while you download” beta so that their games can take advantage of this progressive download from Google Play that coming this fall with Android 12.

Via | VentureBeat
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