Android 12, there is an audio bug on Google Duo: but the solution is coming

Android 12 has been a reality for a few months now, with various manufacturers having begun to release updates of their customizations based on the latest version of the green robot (to keep track of it, there is our dedicated article). And with each update, especially the most important ones, in addition to the news there are also problems.

Mountain View recently acknowledged the existence of a problem that interests Google Duo on Android 12. The bug, according to what we read in the post published in the community dedicated to the app, affects the audio: in response to a call, in fact, it could happen to do not hear the interlocutor.

A serious problem, which where it occurs compromises the primary purpose of the app. However, the problem only occurs when responding to an incoming call notification. Google said it was already working to find a solution and fix the bug ASAP, but in the meantime he indicated a way to “put a patch on it”: the advice is to have the Duo app already open so that you can answer the call directly from there, bypassing the notification and thus also the possibility that the audio malfunction occurs.

In the current state of things, however, the bug does not seem to have caused too much turmoil in the community, despite the fact that there have been reports: not all users, therefore, will necessarily be affected by using Google Duo even before the arrival of a fix.