Folding mobile phones are not a passing trend, they are here to stay

1685674813 motorola razr 40 ultra larger external screen and a modest.jpeg
1685674813 motorola razr 40 ultra larger external screen and a modest.jpeg


Motorola has had a successful 2023 in Spain; The Lenovo brand has managed to stand out again with a good product and strategy.


Motorola in 2023 has stood out in Spain with the presence of two incredible folding devices and a series of mobile phones that have perfectly fit the needs of many Spanish users. Having known how to spin each one of them finely has aroused more interest for this interview carried out by EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre with Andrea Monleón, General Manager for Iberia of Mobile Business Group (MBG).

The Moto G returned in 2023 with a great mobile at an extremely competitive price and a great set of specifications, even holding hands with its younger brother, the Moto G14. Another of his stellar launches was the new Motorola Edge 40 Neo in the mid-range and one of the foldables that has managed to make a strong case for some of the shortcomings of Samsung’s own, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra.

What is the ‘master formula’ with which Motorola has managed to launch its growth in Spain?

It is the result of the effort and commitment of our great professionals. I joined Motorola in the middle of this year and found a team full of talent, enthusiasm and desire to accompany the brand in this relaunch in Spain. This is the basis for staying firm on the path we have set for ourselves.

Added to them, obviously, is our product. In the last two years, we have focused a lot on creating products that stand out for key user specifications such as photography, screen quality, battery life, gaming capabilities, processor performance or comfortable and attractive, all accompanied by prices that democratize access to the best version of the most in-demand functionalities of the moment.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Motorola has been, is and will be a benchmark company in innovation applied to mobile telephony, as demonstrated by ambitious launches this year such as our Motorola Edge family smartphones (Edge 40, Edge 40 pro and Edge 40 Neo) and the new generation of our Motorola Razr folding devices (Razr 40 and Razr 40 ultra), which have completely revolutionized and raised the bar for a very thriving terminal format.

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Nor can we forget a lot of strategic work that, this year, has focused on reinforcing Motorola’s prominence and its presence in all channels, both operator and retail.

In addition to all this, we are part of Lenovo, a global technological benchmark that gives us the possibility of providing our devices with differential functionalities that enhance the cybersecurity of our devices and their specific use in professional environments.

This year they have opted for a unique concept, that of the smell of a smartphone; Where does this idea come from and how have consumers reacted?

Within the differentiation that we have sought to give to our main devices, we have sought to ensure that their use not only meets the expectations of the most demanding consumers, but is also a different experience.

The introduction of an exclusive fragrance for our devices was an idea that promoted the brand in 2021, when it sealed an alliance with Firmenich, a world leader in fragrances. Together, we created a perfume that represents our commitment to a sensory experience, and we are delighted to see how it has managed to rise to the point of being one of the most recognizable elements of the Motorola brand by the general public.

We see that consumers have taken it as something truly unique and differentiating in the sector, and that they really value how we give a new dimension to that magical moment of unpacking a new smartphone.

Will the commitment to PANTONE remain the same in 2024 with its own color?

It will continue to be so and, in fact, we have just made official the announcement of special editions of our Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and Motorola Edge 40 Neo models in Peach Fuzz, an orange tone that has been chosen PANTONE Color of the Year 2024 and that will only be available on Motorola devices.

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Image of the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra with one of the PANTONE colors

With this collaboration we do not simply seek to increase the variety of colors available for sale, but to provide our terminals with tones strategically chosen by PANTONE experts that reinforce the user’s self-expression and fit with their way of understanding the world. For example, in the case of Peach Fuzz, we align ourselves with a PANTONE vision that defends that this color evokes the need to share and self-care from the tenderness it transmits, and this is something that these devices reflect.

What are the terminals most sought after by Spaniards?

In recent years, Motorola had been closely linked to the mid-range, mainly around our Moto G family thanks to its technology and great quality/price ratio. But more recently we have seen a growth in demand for our premium range families (Edge and Razr), which shows that the cutting-edge technologies we have implemented are reaching our customers…

Have folding products already been consolidated as another category? What journey can we expect from them?

As a pioneer brand in this segment, they are a crucial category for our business. Our Motorola Razr represent a very important part of our R&D effort because we are sure that they will be protagonists in making this format one of the main focuses of interest for mobile phone consumers.

Our ambition with the foldable segment could be clearly seen in 2023, in which Motorola launched for the first time not one, but two different models of clamshell foldables. On the one hand, the Motorola Razr 40 ultra has sought to be the great benchmark in this segment, since apart from a highly perfected design, it has taken care of the essential specifications for the most demanding user, with improvements in key aspects such as performance (Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 8 Gen 2), has the largest external screen on the market, provides high screen refresh rates and is outstanding in both battery life and photographic quality, two of the most historically challenging aspects for foldables.

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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra

On the other hand, the Motorola Razr 40 seeks to bring the foldable experience to a lower price range. With features that have little to envy of its ‘big brother’, it is also a benchmark in design, performance and features, and seeks to bring them closer to more consumers.

All this shows that for Motorola, foldable telephony is not a passing trend, but is here to stay. That is why we will continue to evolve our Razr devices so that they not only become benchmarks in the foldable segment, but also in telephony in general, as we will see throughout 2024.

What is Motorola’s ambition in the Spanish market? Can we expect double digits in 2024?

We have set a clear goal, to maintain this upward trend over the next year. We know that with a sector as competitive as mobility it will be a very demanding objective, but we are also seeing how double digits are already a reality for the brand in markets as close as Italy or Poland.

We have the peace of mind that we have a top-level product, with great new features that we will see throughout 2024, and the best team to continue developing the growth of the brand.

Thank you for your attention to all your questions to make it clear that you have your goals well thought out, as has happened with each of the mobile phones that have been launched last year in Spain. We hope it remains this way and 2024 becomes a whole new year of success for Motorola.