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And now, Samsung?! Old smartphone batteries swell and can cause problems

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As much as Samsung has struggled to rebuild its reputation after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the company has a new problem ahead. That’s because a youtuber discovered that the battery of some older smartphones of the brand are swelling without any apparent reason.

The information was published by youtuber Arun Maini, and he came to this complaint after a strong heat wave in the United Kingdom. According to his analysis, the battery of the Galaxy S7, Note 8 and S10 5G started to swell on its own, even with the smartphone being unused.

Apparently, the problem has affected devices that are idle for a long time, since devices that are in use do not have the same type of battery swelling.

Image/Reproduction: Arun Maini.

A curious detail revealed by Maini is that old smartphones from other brands, such as some Pixels and ASUS devices, did not present the same type of problem. In all cases, the devices were stored under the same conditions.

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To make matters worse, youtuber Matt Ansini decided to check out his stock of old smartphones and also noticed that all Samsung devices released before the Galaxy S20 had some level of battery swelling.

For now, the Samsung has not issued an official statement on the matter.. In any case, Maini said the company contacted him requesting the recall of the problematic devices.

However, since then, he says that the company has not given more details about what may be causing this type of problem in these older smartphones.

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