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Anatel and Federal Revenue seize 9,700 non-approved cell phone chargers

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The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) carried out a joint operation with the Federal Revenue Service resulting in the seizure of 9,700 non-approved cell phone chargers. Agents of the federal entities acted in the cargo inspection of smartphone chargers not registered with a carrier in Canoas, in Rio Grande do Sul.

According to information from the regulatory agency, during the action to combat piracy, the auditors found four different models of unregistered portable chargers for sale. In total, 9,700 accessories were seized and sent to the Federal Revenue’s warehouse in the South region, where they will remain until they are destroyed.

This operation was carried out last Thursday, March 16, in cooperation with the Contraband and Embezzlement Division (Direp). This is not the first time that Anatel and the Federal Revenue have carried out an operation within the scope of the Action Plan to Combat Piracy (PACP) to curb the sale of non-approved equipment.

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As the agency explains, these unregistered devices can cause damage to the device by not meeting the technical requirements determined by Europeian law. The entity’s guidance is that consumers pay attention to the lack of the mandatory seal on these products and report possible irregularities to the authorities.

Apprehension of chargers by Anatel. | Photo: Disclosure.

Anatel did not release further details about the March 16 operation, so we do not know the name of the carrier or whether there was a fine issued by the regulatory agency.

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