Analyzing the 10% Price Pump & Future Rally

polygon matic price 26.06.jpg
polygon matic price 26.06.jpg

Polygon (MATIC) finally stopped its free fall by adding 10% in value in the past week. The token has been on a slide since its peak in February, but the market explosion has ended it, and it is now pumping for two consecutive days.

The question potential investors are asking is whether such growth is sustainable in the long run and whether MATIC can continue to rally.

polygon matic price 26.06

Despite the recent gains, Polygon’s future remains uncertain. It is one of the twelve tokens the SEC named in its lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase.

The exact criteria SEC used to classify these tokens as securities are still unclear, but that doesn’t change the fact that investors are largely staying away from them until the situation clears. Fortunately, there are more than enough investment options now as the entire market is surging.

Here is what you need to know about these top cryptos.

Wall Street Memes took the crypto world by storm. In a matter of weeks, it has become the most popular meme coin on the market, leaving tokens like DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE in the dust. Backed by millions of loyal fans, mostly gathered around r/wallstreetbets on Reddit, WSM is fast becoming one of the most successful crypto projects of the year.

The WSM Presale is hitting on all cylinders, raising $9.3 million so far. At this rate, the presale will end ahead of schedule, at which point the token will head for crypto exchanges and the first listings.

Investors are betting that it will then explode and form what we have seen, there is no reason to doubt them. The good news is that there is still time to get on the ground floor of this incredible project and reap the benefits. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here

wall street memes

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DeeLance (DLANCE) – Web3 Freelancing App of the Future

DeeLance is a Web3 app that plans on capitalizing on the fact that the current market for freelancing platforms is in an appalling shape. The current market solutions available are too slow, too rigid, and too expensive.

None of them have been updated to include any of the modern features DeeLance is teeming with. In short, they are obsolete, and DeeLance is the meteor that will rid us of these dinosaurs.

Powered by blockchain technology, DeeLance is offering a digital workspace that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding freelancers, regardless of their niche.

A lot of effort went into making smart contracts available to both clients and creators, eliminating all too common frauds prevalent on other platforms. Furthermore, DeeLance offers the possibility to freelancers to transform their products into NFTs, securing ownership rights into perpetuity.

With $1.3 million raised so far, DLANCE is hurling toward the end of the presale and the first listings on crypto exchanges. Once that happens, most experts agree that the sky is the limit for this promising app and its native crypto.


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Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) –Green Crypto Promising to Boost Recycling

Increasing recycling efforts is a key component in our struggle against the effect of global climate change. Ecoterra offers a simple solution for this problem called Recycle2Earn.

Simply put, the idea is to pay people for every item they recycle, massively increasing the amount of material we reuse.

Recycling rewards will be paid in ECOTERRA, the app’s native token, which is currently on presale. So far, the presale has raised $5.3 million and counting.

The smashing success of the presale indicates a strong interest in Ecoterra not only from people worried about the future of the planet but from investors as well.

ecoterra 1

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If you are tired of making bad trading decisions and getting ripped off by unethical developers and traders, Launchpad XYZ is the perfect tool for you.

With it, you will gain access to carefully curated information about the most promising crypto projects on the market and expert advice on how to build your portfolio.

Based on Web3 architecture, Launchpad XYZ offers deep insight into the inner workings of the crypto market and a massive knowledge base that will help you become a successful crypto trader. To gain access to all these goodies, you will need to become an LPX holder.

The app’s native token serves as an entry ticket to one of the best Web3 ecosystems on the net. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.


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Staying on top of the ever-changing crypto market becomes harder with each passing year. The sheer number of tokens in circulation makes it impossible for a human brain to process, let alone analyze and make a correct trading decision.

Fortunately, we now have access to a set AI-powered array of tools that can do the heavy lifting for us. yPredict is a first-of-a-kind AI platform that provides its users with analyses, signal interpretation, and chart pattern recognition, allowing them to easily detect market trends before they become apparent.

With the help of yPredict, staying ahead of the herd becomes a routine. It is easy to see why so many investors are betting that the app’s native token YPRED will explode as soon as it hits the open market.

Since it is still on presale, there is enough time to grab it before that happens and enjoy some massive ROI. Learn how to buy yPredict here.

Uniswap's Spectacular 90,000% Surge Points to an Upcoming Price Explosion -the next AI Crypto Gem?

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Even though MATIC is surging again, the Damocles sword of the SEC lawsuit still hangs over it. That is why many investors are steering clear of it and investing in new tokens like WSM, DLANCE, ECOTERRA, LPX, and YPRED instead. 

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