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An owner explodes his Tesla for not fixing a breakdown of 20,000 euros

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Having a tesla, like any other car, requires some money for maintenance … Well, a Finnish youtuber, Pommijätkät, has dynamited his car because it had a 20,000-euro repair … Specifically, it is a Tesla Model S from 2013. In The video explains that the car worked perfectly until it reached the first 1,500 kilometers … At which point all the lights on the dashboard began to light up and he decided to take it to the official Tesla technical service.

Damage of 20,000 Euros

After a month and a half at Tesla’s official home, the only solution they offered him was to replace the car battery, an option that would cost him € 20,000. And is that really Tesla batteries are not affordable at all, and faced with a problem like this, Toumas Katainen, which is what the youtuber is really called, decided to make a drastic decision: exploit it.

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At the very least, he would provide plenty of fun on the video platform, and he made a video together with another youtuber who specializes in explosions. To do this, in the video you can see how the content creator went to a mountain quite far away, without public or danger to anyone, to blow up the Tesla Model S with nothing more and nothing less than 30 kilos of dynamite .

He threw Elon Musk out of a helicopter

In addition, with a certain sarcastic tone, they throw an Elon Musk puppet from a helicopter. “Yesterday Elon Musk called us and told us that he would love to take a ride in this Tesla,” said the channel team that collected the puppet thrown from the air.

Later, you can see how the car is wrapped in dynamite, while the explosion team takes refuge behind a barricade. Later moments explode the vehicle and capture it from various angles with various cameras.

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This Finnish youtuber has made a bit of history, already reaching almost 2 million visits and more than 20,000 likes and 2,500 comments on the video published this December. Finally, the man made a plea against Tesla and warned of the terrible frustration he suffered for having reached that decision, as well as the comments supported him in it and in having led this problem to a formula to have fun making him fly through the air .

Next, we leave you the video so that you can enjoy it, we recommend that you put subtitles because otherwise … Surely you will not understand anything at all, but the images are unique.

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