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An old email from Steve Jobs confirms that there were plans to launch an “iPhone nano”

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More than a decade ago, some rumors indicated that Apple was developing a more affordable alternative to the iPhone 4, called the iPhone nano. Now, emails that have appeared in Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple confirm that it is something that Apple and Steve Jobs considered in October 2010. An email included in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple includes the agenda for a team meeting. executive. The meeting was to focus on Apple’s strategy for 2011 and recap the company’s results in 2010. This includes the battle with Google, making 2011 the “year of the cloud,” the evolution of the “post-PC era,” and plus. Jobs refers to the iPhone 4s with improvements in aspects such as the camera, the antenna design and the processor. Jobs also suggests that Apple should “create a low-cost iPhone model based on the iPod touch to replace the 3GS.” The last part of the agenda simply says “plan for the iPhone nano” with a comment that says “cost objective” and that suggests that Jony Ive would be there to show a model or render of the device. Unfortunately, Jobs’ October 2010 email, which is an agenda for a strategy meeting, doesn’t reveal much about the device. The emails in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple have revealed a variety of mysterious products that never finally saw the light of day. For example, in June, 9to5Mac reported emails from Steve Jobs referring to the iPod “Super nano”, which had not been released, as well as a 2008 iPod shuffle that was not released either.

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