An iPhone stylus? Apple was very close to removing it, and it was not a bad idea

 An iPhone stylus?  Apple was very close to removing it, and it was not a bad idea

Sometimes it is very interesting to look at the past to know the evolution that companies have undergone, and Manzana is not an exception. An example is that he rejected big screen smartphones like an epidemic. And, even, they were not to the taste of Steve Jobs the stylus (You have to get them, save them and they are lost. Yuck, he came to say back in 2007). And, now, the Cupertino firm has its own range of products that has just been revealed, which was recently close to being more numerous.

According to the information that has been known not long ago, the firm with the bitten apple was close to launching a new model that was intended to be a solution for those users of iPhone phones big screens that wanted to use a stylus with them. And, in this way, being able to write freehand with the comfort that this implies. The moment chosen was the event of the last september, where their new smartphones were presented. Come on, do nothing.

Apple’s stylus even had a name

So far along was development that the company had already given the accessory a name: Apple Marker. The truth is that it fits perfectly with the way this company works, no matter how much Steve Jobs disowned this type of product at the time (and some others that, in the end, have been launched by the brand). One of the things that would have differentiated this stylus from the Pencils on the market is its price: just 49 dollars. That is, quite low, which would make it accessible to a large number of iPhone users.


On the other hand, the model we are talking about is indicated in the source of the information that would not have pressure detection, which would be unnecessary for phones where the use would be more to dial than to draw (for example). And that, would avoid that I had to count on a great drums inside it to work with all the options. Failing that, it would have used a small chip-shaped feeder that would make it look a lot like… Yes, Samsung’s S Pen! It is inevitable that this accessory will come to the head, everything must be said.

At the Apple Event in September, Apple was originally going to release a new Apple Pencil code-named Maker, priced at about $49, with no pressure sensing and no battery needed, using a chip to power the stylus from the screen, similar to the Samsung S-Pen.(1/2)

— DuanRui (@duanrui1205) November 24, 2022

Some more details that have been known

Without knowing the reasons why finally Apple would not have presented the accessory, of which they would have manufactured up to a million units that right now have no use, it may all be due to patent issues. The fact is that it does seem that the firm sees that there is space to have a stylus for the iPhone (even for the smallest iPad).

There is no information on the design, but the rounded shapes would surely be present. And the truth is that still We must not lose hope for Apple to release this product with any changes you need to make. Surely more than one user with an iPhone would end up buying the Marker to make the intensive use of the smartphone more bearable. Are you one of them?


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