An interactive website to learn HTML and CSS, with 50 free course lessons

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The best place to learn HTML and CSS is the web itself, since we can test what we are programming using the same browser, it is not necessary to have any compiler or any complex tool, we just need time, desire, and Internet access.

There are many platforms that help you learn to program, and today I present to you a very attractive, interactive, elegant and practical one.

This is, a website where we can learn from scratch and practice in an intuitive environment.

It is a course where you can learn about semantics and accessibility with short lessons that offer us challenges and projects, step by step.

We can already access the first 50 lessons, with exercises and flashcards, completely free, and if we like it we can upgrade to a Pro account with a single payment that gives access for 5 years.

The idea is to offer a programming learning platform for both beginners and experienced developers who want to learn HTML CSS the right way, with modern techniques to make fast and responsive web pages.

On their page you have a list of topics they deal with, such as Accessibility, Semantics, Meta Tags, Selectors, Forms and much more.

To apply the knowledge acquired, they have 2 projects that are reviewed throughout the course, helping to apply the newly acquired knowledge. Once the course is completed, these projects can be used for our own work.

The course is designed with the student in mind, with separate flashcards to reinforce newly learned concepts, just like Duolingo.

A good place to kill time learning.

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