An electronic and intelligent rope

una comba electronica e inteligente.jpg
una comba electronica e inteligente.jpg

The closure of businesses, stores and other establishments, along with mobility restrictions, have been measures taken by many governments to counteract the advance of the coronavirus.

Although this has been favorable to some extent, the truth is that it has also affected the daily dynamics of many people, who used to take advantage of their free time by going to one of these places to hang out or simply do outdoor activities to stay fit.

In the latter, the astronaut trainers suggested jumping as a practice to do during confinement. This is where it intervenes Hyrope, a smart rope that takes this activity further.

Although the rope is an exercise that requires a relatively large space to practice, its execution is not very demanding in terms of the technique applied to carry it out and thus burn some calories. This makes Hyrope a simple and inexpensive option to acquire, even if Hygear, The manufacturing company aspires to inject a little more investment into this device to take its functions beyond the count and routine that the person can carry out with it.

Like other similar devices, the Hyrope rope features sustained operation on a mobile app with which you can have the opportunity to measure your performance checking different indicators such as count, the velocity, the rhythm and the amount of calories burned during the routine. Also, this smart rope offers you various training plans, being able to also obtain a graphical measurement of your progress.

hyrope smart jump rope

Regarding the mechanics of the app, the company Hygear pointed out that this fulfills its function based on the objectives set by the user when scheduling the interactive sessions. These workouts are adjusted to the performance of the moment thanks to the intervention of an artificial intelligence.

It should be noted that both the training schemes, as well as the programs in full mode, can only be accessed by paying a subscription (32 euros presale, 70 euros the starting price). Once this is done you will get the handles, 3 meter rope, protectors and batteries.