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An Artificial Intelligence is capable of creating Pokemons

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Artificial intelligences (AI) capable of generating images starting from a few words that, in natural language, contain a description of what the user wants continue to appear. In this case, with a twist that will surely find many followers because it has to do with one of the most popular activities for many in recent times: Pokemon.

Lambda Labs AI generates Pokemons from brief instructions that include the mention of a famous character, real or fictional

From watching anime episodes to collecting, hunting or training these creatures, until now Pokemon fans had a wide assortment of them, but subject to the imagination and creativity of the authors of this rich multimedia and transgender universe. But now it will be enough with a few simple instructions so that each one can ask this AI to generate some Pokemons to their liking.

The model has been created by Lambda Labs and for its training there has been a large number of images of the creatures of the Pokemon universe with a negligible cost, since the developers affirm that it has barely been 10 dollarsso unlike other image generation AIs such as DALL-E or Midjourney, it is a platform completely open to everyone.

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To do this, they have a web page in which, in a very simple way, you can enter some short instructions (called prompt) for the AI ​​to spawn a new Pokemon based on those words. Mind you, this AI adds the element of refer to a famous personboth from the real world (an artist, a politician, an athlete…) and from fiction (film characters, series, comics, cartoons…).

The page offers some simple functions for modifying the resulting imagebeing able to generate up to four at a time and allowing, once the edition is finished, the download of the result to be able to share it on social networks or save it.

As an example, the images that head this text have been obtained from a prompt very brief for each of the two in order to determine the degree of “imagination” that the AI ​​itself contributes. For those who haven’t recognized the characters, this is the Lambda Labs “version” of C3PO and R2D2, with the prompts written this way, without hyphens or periods.

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