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An Apple patent could replace the crown with sensors in …

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I’ve already mentioned it several times, but I think one of the best devices that apple currently has is the Apple Watch. It has gone from being a device that helps us with messages and notifications to being a Swiss army knife specialized in health care. The company is always renovating and looking for how to do it better in every way. For this reason, this patent has the prospect of becoming a reality. A patent where the crown of the watch can be replaced by sensors.

Sensors placed on the watch to measure multiple parameters

As we said, one of the highlights of the Apple Watch is its ability to measure different parameters of the health of its user. With this in mind, the American company is always trying to innovate in this field and is adding new functions.

As reported Patently Apple, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a new company patent. The digital crown on the Apple Watch can be replaced by optical sensors which can identify user gestures.

The crown of the Apple Watch is one of its fundamental pieces, and that was very controversial when it came out on the scene, but it is true that it reminds us that what we have on our wrist is a watch and not a computer, which it is too. In addition, the crown helps us to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) but it wouldn’t be a problem, according to the patent.

The patent is called “Clock with optical sensor for user input” and demonstrates how the company can use new sensors to allow users to navigate the interface while reducing the number of moving parts on the Apple Watch with the elimination of the digital crown. The optical sensors would detect the gestures made by the users to turn them into system controls.

For example, the user can perform movements and gestures to control watch functions. User-supplied movements and gestures can be directly detected by the optical systems of the input component, so that the number of moving parts is reduced and the space inside the watch is used more efficiently.

As we said, these sensors would be able to perform the functions that are currently performed by the crown. Displacements, confirmations and ECG. It is also likely that adding new sensors, we can see new functions.

Yes indeed. We cannot congratulate ourselves yet, because we are talking about a patent and as such it may be that just get an idea and it does not become reality. But of course it has many opportunities to be a reality.

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