An app to use a to do list as wallpaper on Android


When talking about productivity digital, the recommendations usually involve increasingly comprehensive solutions, tailored to high-performance digital routines.

However, within this field there is also room for simpler tools, such as Walto, an application that offers the possibility of using a list of tasks, reminders or notes as a wallpaper on Android.

Use a list as wallpaper on Android

Currently, there are several alternatives to add lists or reminders on Android devices. These can be found from simple solutions such as the use of the notepad or some other tool preloaded by default, through the use of widgets, to the installation of third-party applications that offer functions for that purpose and even others.

For simple actions, like making lists in this case, there are no better or worse applications or solutions than others. Rather, we can find more suitable solutions for one or another type of user, depending on their habits and needs.

Intended as a simple and practical solution, Walto, a free and ad-free application that can be obtained from the Play Store, allows you to manage a list that can be used as wallpaper.

No registration is required to use Walto. This favors the simplification of the use of the app, but reduces the possibility of backing up the data beyond the original device and synchronizing it with other computers. However, in the description added by its developers on Google Play, they already anticipated that they are working on a solution for that.

For this reason, more than to manage professional or collaborative agendas, it is recommended for simpler uses, such as preparing a supermarket list or a list of personal notes that are worth keeping in view for as long as possible.

The application allows you to reorder the elements that are added to the list, keep a file of the tasks that are marked as completed and customize the background that the list will contain as an image.

Walto’s app is friendly with computers that have little available storage capacity, as it weighs 8.7 megabytes. In addition, it is compatible with devices that run Android from version 4.4, which extends its coverage of use beyond the average known today, also including devices that today can be classified as “old”.